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[SALE] iSTAT 300w Compact Digital Thermostats POSTAGE AUST WIDE
Price: $130.00 each Melbourne, VIC

iSTAT 300w Compact  Digital Thermostats POSTAGE AUST WIDE
iSTAT 300w Compact  Digital Thermostats POSTAGE AUST WIDE - Image 1
  • Brand: Other
  • Quantity: 30
  • Condition: Brand New

Ad Description

The Istat Compact – the worlds most advanced temperature control systems. The Istat has been expertly designed to provide you a simple user-friendly interface ideal for controlling almost any heating or cooling equipment for reptiles or exotic mammals.
Its compact design and excellent range of colours allows you to not only accurately control temperatures critical for survival of exotic pets and reptiles.
The Istat Compact has 4 Modes For ultimate accuracy and control. This stat can be either set to continuous or burst mode giving you the flexibility to alternate from dimming, pulse mode, on/off and humidity mode.
The Istat not only controls heating elements, but is also compatible with cooling devices such a fans and even works with sprinkler/rain systems and humidifiers to ensure that your exotic pets care and environmental needs are completely met.
The “Istat Compact” is not just a heat mat thermostat, it’s not simply a vivarium thermostat, but a completely revolutionary approach to the critical environmental care needs of your beloved pets!
With each and every Istat, you automatically qualify for a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, if anything goes wrong, simply send it back to the retailer for a replacement or your money back.
Manufactured in the UK, and CE compliant in accordance with all EU guidelines
To Recap!
Thermostat – It can be a on/off thermostat which is ideal for heat mats
Pulse Stat – Like an on/off, but pulses power to maintain the set heat perfect for heat-mats, and Ceramic Bulbs, and other non-light emitting sources
Dimming stat – This is what you’d use for the basking bulbs within our vivaria. Once temperature is reached, the bulb dims. Thus reducing power, in turn, heat, within the viv/tank. It will then brighten once safe to do so increasing the ambient temperature.
Humidity – Ideal for rain and misting systems. It will trigger the spray once a humidity low is reached.


Location:  Melbourne, VIC


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