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[SALE] Train Freshwater crocodile for sale now

8 month old feeding on fish,yabbies,beef strips can come with 4ft tank and eheim canister filter txt or email for more

Location: melbourne, VIC

Price: $2,300.00 each

Quantity: 4  Sex: Various

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Listed: 29/10/2016
Freshwater croc

[SOLD] Freshwater croc

Freshwater croc approx 4years old need gone ASAP eats like a champ just under a meter $400 will sell tank and filter along with him for 800the lot tank is 6ft 3...

Location: Mornington, VIC

Price: $800.00 the lot

Quantity: 1  Sex: Unknown

Item Now Sold

Listed: 20/10/2016
freshwater croc for sale

[SALE] freshwater croc for sale

young and healthy freshie. Very strong and fat, around 65 cm feeding on chicken, handles alright good once out of the enclosure, good size to begin with. The sa...

Location: melbourne, VIC

Price: $700.00 total

Quantity: 1  Sex: Unknown

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Listed: 18/09/2016

[SOLD] ***************EOI***********************

EOI 6 month old feeding on fish,yabbies,beef strips can come with 4ft tank and eheim canister filter txt or email for more

Location: Ballarat, VIC

Price: $0 each

Quantity: 1  Sex: Male

Item Now Sold

Listed: 14/06/2016


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