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Mulga Snake (St George local)

[SALE] Mulga Snake (St George local)

Adult male St George Mulga. Great feeder on anything, decent sized snake for a St George animal. Located in Cairns but will freight at buyers expense. Will cons...

Location: Cairns, QLD

Price: $400.00 each

Quantity: 1  Sex: Male

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Listed: 20/05/2017
Inland Taipan for sale

[SALE] Inland Taipan for sale

Female inland Taipan for sale. Feeds well on rats or mice. $200 and can freight at buyers expense. Contact 0437355560 for more details. Licence number 14424118...

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Price: $200.00 each

Quantity: 1  Sex: Female

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Listed: 20/05/2017
St George Mulga

[SALE] St George Mulga

Stunning St George Mulga. Selling up is the only reason for sale.

Location: Brisbane, QLD

Price: $300.00 each

Quantity: 1  Sex: Male

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Listed: 08/05/2017
Cooktown Coastal Taipan Pair

[SALE] Cooktown Coastal Taipan Pair

This is a very striking pair of Taipans. Ideal in every way. Only selling because I just don't have time anymore and am selling up. It's very sad but they will ...

Location: Brisbane, QLD

Price: $1,000.00 pair

Quantity: 2  Sex: Pair (Yet to Breed)

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Listed: 08/05/2017

[SALE] Various elapids.

1x coastal tai (tully locale) 2.5 yrs old, sex unknown $200 1x coastal tai (cape york locale) 3.5 yrs old, sex unknown $200 2x eastern browns (qld form) sex u...

Location: Charters Towers, QLD

Price: $700.00 the lot

Quantity: 6  Sex: Unknown

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Listed: 07/05/2017

[WANTED] Seeking curl snake

Seeking curl snake. Not fussed if its feeding or not. Happy to pay for freight and answer any questions.

Location: Adelaide, SA

Will Pay: 150-300, or more for the right animal.

Quantity: 1  Sex: Various

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Listed: 07/05/2017

[SALE] Gold Coast tiger snakes

Very rare and one of the most attractive tigers, they have had over 20 fish feeds, now most are taking pinkies on their own. Some have had 6 unassisted feeds an...

Location: Southport, QLD

Price: $350.00 each

Quantity: 30  Sex: Various

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Listed: 02/05/2017

[WANTED] Want any elapid

Hey I'm looking for any type of elapids wil prefer eastern brown or inland taipan will pay for the right elapid thanks call me on 0449224621

Location: Sydney, NSW

Will Pay: Will pay show me what you got

Quantity: 1  Sex: Various

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Listed: 27/04/2017

[WANTED] Speckled brown snake

After speckled brown snake, good money paid for quality animals, prefer younger snakes might consider older ones

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Will Pay: $$$$

Quantity: 4  Sex: Pair (Yet to Breed)

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Listed: 26/04/2017
Collett’s Snake

[SALE] Collett’s Snake

Healthy juvenile Collett's for sale, pick up from Noosa or can freight if required

Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD

Price: $300.00 total

Quantity: 1  Sex: Male

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Listed: 18/04/2017
adult inland taipan

[SALE] adult inland taipan

hey i have my inland for sale regretful sale real nice calm snake eats shits n sheds like it should real nice colours can get more picks have an adult eas...

Location: port noarlunga, SA

Price: $350.00 each

Quantity: 1  Sex: Female

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Listed: 05/04/2017
For Sale

[SALE] For Sale

12 month old Inland Taipan - handles well on hook - $200 Advertised elsewhere - willing to freight - I freight exclusively freight through Feathers and Sca...

Location: Tiaro, QLD

Price: $200.00 each

Quantity: 2  Sex: Unknown

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Listed: 05/04/2017

[SOLD] Yellow faced whip snake

Hey everyone im selling a yellow faced whip snake nd its 60cm long nd poo fine nd eat fine nd was a really good handle till it bite me 2times now call or msg b...

Location: Sutherland, NSW

Price: $100.00 total

Quantity: 1  Sex: Female

Item Now Sold

Listed: 03/04/2017


Baby broad Heads For Sale. Not often offered for sale in the industry. Very hardi, easy to keep snake. Selliing not eating. Will freight for 2 or more. All c...

Location: Central Coast, NSW

Price: $300.00 each

Quantity: 12  Sex: Various

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Listed: 17/03/2017

[WANTED] Young red belly

Looking for a young red belly, feeding or not I don't mind! Don't mind gender

Location: Taree, NSW

Will Pay: 200

Quantity: 1  Sex: Various

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Listed: 04/03/2017


BABY BROADHEADS- Rarely offered for sale in the hobby. Classified as endangered. Selling as not eating, will sell for more once I get them eating. Care advise g...

Location: Sydney, NSW

Price: $500.00 each

Quantity: 13  Sex: Unknown

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Listed: 21/02/2017
Various elapids (speckled Browns, tigers, tais ect.)

[SALE] Various elapids (speckled Browns, tigers, tais ect.)

Only reason to why I'm selling my elapids is due to having a baby. Speckled brown snakes trio M,F,F. These are by far my favourite species I have kept I wou...

Location: Gold coast, QLD

Price: $600.00 neg

Quantity: 10  Sex: Various

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Listed: 21/02/2017
Inland Taipan Hatchlings

[SOLD] Inland Taipan Hatchlings

Brightly coloured banded Inland Taipans for sale, come from very nice parents. Contact 0415657453

Location: Penrith, NSW

Price: $250.00 each

Quantity: 15  Sex: Unknown

Item Now Sold

Listed: 13/02/2017
Inland taipans

[SALE] Inland taipans

Inland hatchies from a clutch that hatched in May, now 8 months old and very well established. Great feeders on weaner/adult mice, growing fast and fairly easy ...

Location: Frankston, VIC

Price: $150.00 each

Quantity: 3  Sex: Various

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Listed: 11/02/2017
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