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[JOB] looking for a rodent breeder in bundy to start up a business with me

Hi I am Adam and I am looking for someone who breeds rodents or is looking to expand their hobby into a business. I will be renting a shed for $250 a week and ...

Location: Bundaberg, QLD

Salary: $0

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Listed: 04/06/2017

[SERVICE] Free help needed ?

Hey guys! If you need help with feeding or cleaning or are doing shows and have no help I would love to. I love reptiles and have 3 snakes so I am comfortable...

Location: Maroochydore, QLD

Price: $0 total

Service Type: Education / Display

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Listed: 05/05/2017

[JOB] Reptile Help (Help feed and care for reptiles for you)

My name is Isaac i am 15 and i am experienced with feeding and handling reptiles such as snakes and lizards and don't fear them, i would love to Give a hand wit...

Location: Newcastle, NSW

Desired Salary: $15.00

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Listed: 14/06/2016

[JOB] Reptile Care

Hi my name is Mackenzie I am a 15 year old and have a passion for reptiles, I would like nothing more then to work with them part time, and expand my experience...

Location: Mount Hutton, NSW

Desired Salary: $12.00

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Listed: 02/04/2016
ICS – Integrated Consulting Solutions

[SERVICE] ICS – Integrated Consulting Solutions

Integrated Consulting Solutions is a Management Services company that helps organisations develop, audit & maintain Management systems; achieve certificatio...

Location: brunswick, VIC

Price: $1.00 total

Service Type: Education / Display

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Listed: 28/03/2016

[JOB] Reptile Keeper Work Wanted

Work wanted within the reptile industry. Experienced with most reptiles from small pythons to elapids and crocodiles. Please contact me for more information. ...

Location: Central, QLD

Desired Salary: $65,000.00

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Listed: 17/12/2015
The Reptile Trip of a life-time to a remote area in the NT

[SERVICE] The Reptile Trip of a life-time to a remote area in the NT

Ever been to one of the most remote cattle and conservation stations on the planet looking for critters that no-one else has ever seen? Why not give it a try, i...

Location: Darwin, NT

Price: $10,000.00 each

Service Type: Education / Display

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Listed: 24/11/2015
Looking to work will reptiles

[JOB] Looking to work will reptiles

Hi Everyone my name is Lincoln Clark and I am looking for a job and I would like to work full time w/ reptiles (lizards, snake, maybe even crocs) I would love ...

Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD

Desired Salary: $10.00

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Listed: 12/11/2015

[JOB] Looking for work with reptiles. Part time/Casual/Full time

Hi. I have just finished yr 12 and looking to work with all reptiles. I have huge interests in reptiles and especially snakes. I have now owned snakes for 6 yea...

Location: Brisbane, QLD

Desired Salary: $20.00

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Listed: 08/11/2015

[JOB] Need work experience in reptiles

hi looking for a week day job school hours are fine one day a week and Wednesdays form 12 in the hills district to feed clean or help around in either a store o...

Location: hills, NSW

Desired Salary: $1.00

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Listed: 20/03/2015


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