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Reporting an Ad

Whilst we do our best to stay on top of eliminating suspicious ads and users, unfortunately some do fall through the cracks. In saying that, RDU relies heavily on its users/visitors to report suspicious ads and content; this way we can ensure our website stays safe and fair for everyone.

If you believe an ad looks like a scam or, contains offensive language and/or abusive content etc. then please report it as soon as possible. By reporting suspicious ads, our staff is able to locate them quicker, which in turn allows us to take action as soon as possible.

To report an ad, simply click on the red “ Report” button located on the right hand side of every ad page above the contact form (see image below). Once clicked, a form will pop up which you will need to complete accordingly, then click the “Submit Report” button. Our staff will then review your report details and act accordingly.

Ad Report Button

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